I met Nash in college. He had a girlfriend but I slowly convinced him to try new things. We’ve recorded almost everything that has happened between us since the first time we messed around. After a year of hooking up we were finally comfortable enough to get into a real relationship together and built this website to continue blogging our journey. We’ve spent the last few years making content together. We’ve brought in some of our other straight friends to try things out on camera, some friends we didn’t know were gay until we did this stuff, other models in the industry and some lucky fans! We’re currently mentoring Jordan and Kyle to be the best boys they can be. You’re not going to find anyone else with the kind of content you find here. Click the blue button already! 😈
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Straight, married to a woman. Lost my job during the pandemic & decided to try the content creator route! Stumbled upon Brandt & he agreed to mentor me...if I was willing to make the kind of content people wanted to see. You will see all of my first time experiences with men here 😅 Enjoy 😉
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I’ve followed Brandt & Nash and been a long time fan well before we finally met! I reached out with a casting video & Brandt liked what he saw. They’ve agreed to let me join the group as long as I work hard to earn my place. Every time I visit them it’s like living the fantasy I never thought would happen. On my page, you’ll get to see what it’s like to go from being a fan, to earning your place as one of Brandt’s Boys 😛
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I'm 19 years old and have been working construction since I got out of high school! I’ve been working out really hard in hopes that maybe I could make it out with a modeling gig. I live with Kyle and one day he slipped up and told me what he did for Brandt. I’m straight, but this path seems promising so I’m going to try it out and see where it takes me!
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